Creed of War

I was in school when they first saw the energy burst. They thought it was a supernova. They saw it on some powerful long-range telescope—no big deal—they see supernovas all the time. They usually happened a million years ago and a trillion light years away or something,   but this one was different.

“This is Landing Craft X991N requesting permission for departure.”

(That damn radio. It never ends.)

“X991N, please stand by.”

The supernova wasn't a supernova, of course. It was an explosion of a kind we had never seen before--we couldn't even classify it. It didn't stop when it engulfed the neighboring systems--it seemed to devour their energy, continuing to accelerate and expand. It raised a few eyebrows, but those in the know still thought "No big deal"...right up until it became clear that this thing would make it to Earth, and probably within just a few years. It wasn’t just Earth, either—this thing was going to wipe out most of the galaxy.

They talked about stopping the explosion or creating some shields or something, but in the end, all we could do was run. Of course, they didn't tell us that. No sense frightening the sheep. Everyone thought they were building some sort of shield array--in reality, it was a fleet of ships.

The theory was simple--since the blast seemed to fuel itself on stars, we would go to the outer rim of the galaxy, where stars were less dense, and the explosion might die out. They scanned the outer rim until they found the perfect place--a habitable-zone planet on the far side of an asteroid belt, about as far out as we could hope to reach with our technology. Some idiot at the top named it "Haven," which must have, at the time, seemed a suitable name for the last livable place in the galaxy...Read more