Welcome to WarBlog 2.0

We are officially relaunching this blog under the game's new christening "War Haven"
as we prepare to try once more to get this game made in a physical edition.

War Haven will be going on Kickstarter May 15th with a more modest goal and more reasonable expectations, as well as a team who have had a year to become more knowledgeable of the board games industry as well as an engaged part of the Kickstarter and game design communities.

As part of our marketing push for this Kickstarter, we're going to make a print-and-play of the game available at fringegames.net later this week. The print-and-play will contain all the essentials to play the game including every card in the first edition.

After the release of the P&P the focus of this blog is going to be discussion of gameplay, including drafting variants, card combos, and strategy breakdowns. If there is a particular gameplay topic you're curious about, or you have any feedback on the P&P, please email through the contact page at fringegames.net

We will be bringing War Haven to SaltCON later this month from the 28th-30th where we will be holding a series of short tournaments. Winners will receive official War Haven prints of some of our fantastic art. In addition to the tourneys, we will be at our table all day if you want to stop by and demo the game with the people who made it :)

If you can't make it to SaltCON you can catch us playing the game soon on twitchTV.
We'll announce times and dates for twitch appearances later this week!