War Haven Tourney Rules

We had a great time showing off the new War Haven prototype at SaltCON this weekend, and an even better time holding tournaments (and handing out prizes!) so we thought we'd share the fun and post the tourney rules here for anyone who wants to set one up with the print and play :)

Our standard deck tournaments start with each play being dealt the same almost-finished War Haven deck (which you can see listed out in full here)

Each player is then allowed to select their commander character from one of three available at the beginning of the tourney. Each commander comes with one complimentary support card to further differentiate their deck.

The standard decks are intentionally set up to be a neutral, well rounded deck that is easy to expand to many playstyles. No specific character in the deck is a focal point for a lot of support cards either, so two players who've chosen the same commanders may still choose entirely different starting formations and overall strategies for their characters.

We ran our tournaments as single-elimination, with the survivors of each round being dealt 15 cards at random to swap into their deck. This creates a fun evolution as the tournaments goes on, usually resulting in extremely differentiated decks by the final round of the tourney.

We are currently in the process of standardizing a few sets of rules (including the standard deck tourney described above) for the drafts section of the War Haven instruction booklet. We encourage anyone with the PNP to hold a little tourney with their friends, and feel free to experiment with the rules. If you come across something too fun not to share, please tell us!