Tips for Printing and Playing War Haven

I'm sure that by now all those reading this have downloaded their print and play version on War Haven  (If not you can get it here;) Here are a few pointers for getting maximum enjyoment out of the Print&Play:

First off, if you can you should purchase some nice card stock. The thicker paper will make life much easier when shuffling and help it feel like you're playing with actual cards. Generally, the thicker the paper the better but be wary of anything with a glossy surface which may cling and make shuffling a pain.

Another must have is color toner. I know I know, printer ink is as expensive as unicorn blood but color is kind of necessary in a game of War Haven. Of course, if you really want to save a buck  you can always go ahead and print in black and white, just have some highlighters handy to color in the cards' class emblems and medallions.

Definitely the best way to bust this out is to take the files to a professional printer (like FedEx Kinkos) and have them print and even cut the cards for you. It might be a more expensive option but it can save serious time and should turn out a high quality print.

If you are gung-ho on printing yourself, make sure you are able to make some sort of distinguishing marks on Human or Gharrana cards as in lower quality printers with bad color definitions they can look similar. Also the best way to cut the cards is to use a large paper cutter. These can be found at almost any print shop and usually they will let you use it if you ask nicely :)

If this isn't an option for you and you're down to cutting them out with scissors, we recommend that you invite a couple friends over for a little tourney. Mentioning that the cards are not cut out can be left to your own discretion ;)

Once you have your cards printed and decks made, remember to print the instruction booklet. First time players will need it, and even more experienced players should have one on hand for reference. Plus it's never fun to run back to the computer to check a rule in the middle of a game.

The next step is to make a board. One thing I do when I don't have a board is play on a large table and make an outline of the game board using cards that are face down. It's cheap and I'm lazy. An alternative is to use a large piece of posterboard or a folded-out cardboard box, shouldn't be too hard to find. Simply draw a 6 by 7 space grid on your piece of cardboard and voilà, you have a fully functioning War Haven battlefield.

The divider is even easier to make than the gameboard. Another piece of cardboard will do the trick, unadorned this time but it's easiest if it can stand on its own.

Once you have all of these pieces assembled, all you need is some dice and damage counters, so go raid your Yahtzee game and get going. If you have a D&D kit, twelve-sided-dice work perfectly for damage counters in War Haven. If not, just cut up some pieces of paper and use those!