War Haven is an exciting new game that couples fantastic artwork with intense strategic gameplay. It adapts the deckbuilding game genre to the style of a tabletop war game to bring you a whole new kind of strategy card game. This fast paced game gives the player a broad scope of implementable strategy while still retaining the haphazard, visceral nature of combat in a tabletop RPG.

The game takes place in the far future on Haven, soon to be the last livable planet in the galaxy. With races from all parts of space competing for dominance of this alien world, the game features a rich diversity of characters and cards from a sci-fi and fantasy background with abilities suited to a variety of unique strategies and play-styles. The game's rich story environment  comes to life on every card with wonderful illustrative work by the likes of Keith Thompson, Shaun Mitchell, Austen Mengler, Daniel Trajtemberg and many other great artists. 

Unlike most other card games, War Haven plays out on a board, where the focus of the game is to meet your opponent’s army in battle. Each player will start with their six characters on the board, including one commander character. To win the match, a player must use their character and support cards to defeat their opponent’s commander character.

Players will be able to set their characters’ starting battle formation and build a unique deck of complimentary support cards that they will draw from during combat. The strategy in the game lies in players using their support cards in concert with character movements and attacks to reach and defeat their opponent’s commander character, while protecting their own.

War Haven is designed to give the player nearly unlimited strategic opportunities while remaining a fast, easy to pick up game. It's simple enough that almost anyone can figure it out in their first couple turns, but creating a flawless battle plan that executes a strategy and keeps an opponent from executing theirs will be a skill that takes time, experience and ingenuity to master.

War Haven will be coming out on iOS and (with the help of Kickstarter) as a Physical Edition, with other digital platforms to follow! In the physical format, War Haven's first edition will be available as a boxed edition with a game board, dice and every card in the edition.

Free to download on iOS, players will receive a full deck of thirty-one cards at the start of the game which they can use to play against other users or play a one player game against the computer. They will then have the option to purchase additional cards with credits earned in battle or as an in-app purchase. A player can use their collected cards to edit their current deck or build new decks for a variety of strategic needs.

By combining traditional elements of collectible card games and tabletop strategy games, War Haven hopes to create a new, fast paced strategic experience that's easy to understand and perfect both on-the-go and in a traditional CCG setting (a basement, with friends.) Sign up for Our Newsletter if you want to keep up with new developments!